My new hot cabrio

Who says that cabriolets are expensive? I got this one rather cheep. It looks too HOT!


No parking for police

We do not allow police to park illegally on our streets! Here is the proof!


Hey Mr. Tambourine man

We always appreciate the music. Even our police can play, sing and arrest at the same time...


Who's da man?

Here, we always know who is the man of the house. Well... almost always!


Grave modelling

Girl posing on the grave
Latest grave model

We bring whole new meaning to the term "Grave modelling..."


Scooter safety belt

Funny scooter safety belt

We never forget the safety belt, not even when driving on a scooter!


Green tires

We are much devoted to ecology. Our tires are made from 100% natural materials. A true green tires!